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English Tutoring

As the universal language, English has the potential to open new doors of opportunity and help your child explore and better connect with the world. At Equip to Excel, we pair your child with the right English tutor to help them speak, understand, and communicate in the English language.

Our English tutors are passionate about seeing children learn and reach their full potential through the power of English. We will make sure your child is learning and mastering the principles of the English language, as well as speaking, reading, and writing.

We provide our English tutoring services in your home or any convenient location. We are based in Dyer, IN, and work with students throughout Northwest Indiana. Please call us today to learn more about English tutoring and how it can benefit your child.

English tutoring in Dyer, IN

K-12 English Tutoring

At Equip to Excel, our tutors provide English tutoring services from kindergarten through 12th grade. No matter where your child is in their understanding of the English language, we’ll work closely with them to help them become more comfortable and confident when it comes to speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Does Your Child Need an English Tutor?

At Equip to Excel, we’ll work closely with you and your child’s teachers and school to understand their unique studying style and needs. It may be time to hire an English tutor if your child:

  • Speaks English as a second language
  • Has dyslexia or another learning disability
  • Performs at a low reading and writing level

If you’re not sure if your child would benefit from English tutoring, send us a message or call 219-558-0865 today.

Writing tutoring in Northwest Indiana
Tutoring for the hearing impaired in Dyer, IN

K-12 Reading Tutoring

Equip to Excel offers reading tutoring services for K-12 learners. From vocabulary and sounding out words to speed reading and retention, our tutors will work on meeting your child’s needs and helping them progress as readers, no matter their age or reading level.

Does Your Child Need a Reading Tutor?

For many, reading is an enriching and lifelong activity. But for many children, learning to read can be a struggle. It may be time to hire a reading tutor if your child:

  • Reads at a level below their age and grade
  • Struggles to comprehend and retain what they read
  • Has a limited vocabulary
  • Has dyslexia or a learning disability
  • Dislikes reading

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to speak with a reading tutor, send us a message or call 219-558-0865 today.

K-12 tutoring services in Dyer, IN

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