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The academic support your child needs is right around the corner; at Equip to Excel, we provide one-on-one, small group tutoring in person and virtually.

Based in Dyer, IN, our tutoring service offers English and reading, math, science, and music tutoring from kindergarten through 12th grade. We can also help with test prep and foreign languages as well. Whether your child would prefer learning in the comfort of your own home or at a convenient location of their choice, our tutors will come to you.

Your Child’s Academic Journey Begins Here

At Equip to Excel, we take a proactive and individualized approach to tutoring your child.

We will assess their needs, gather information from their school and teachers, consult closely with you, and make a plan to help your child reach their academic goals. We also offer test prep, textbook reading, and note-taking services to enhance your child’s future success.

Tutoring and study habits in Dyer, IN

Our focus is not just on raising your child’s grades on their next report card. We equip them with the right study habits that will help them throughout their academic journey.

What Sets Us Apart?

Why should you choose Equip to Excel?

We come to you! Because we understand the importance of learning in a comfortable environment. For great results, there is no place like home. Our tutors will meet you at your home (or a place of your choosing), on your schedule.

Equip to Excel provides each student with a prescriptive study plan utilizing standardized test scores, parental feedback, and academic recommendation from the student’s school. This triangular partnership allows us at Equip to Excel a vantage point into each student’s areas of desired improvement. As a team, this assessment process supports our development of the best learning plan based on each individual student.

Educating the Children of Our Community

We want to help the children of our community become better students. We take the time to understand where your child is at, what they are struggling with, and then make a plan. Our goal is to not only to improve grades, but to teach valuable study habits that stay with them throughout their educational journey. To learn more, call us today at 219-558-0865.

Reading tutoring in Dyer, IN

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